Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Throwing the Jonah's Off Your Boat

Everyone knows the story about Jonah where he disobeyed God and did things his own way. He was on a boat with some other men and there was a crazy tempest coming their way guaranteed to kill them all. Jonah knew this was all because of him and his disobedience to God that it will get not only him killed but the others on the boat as well. Those men on that boat did nothing to help temp this storm, it was all Jonah's fault and because of him they would all suffer. Is there a Jonah in your boat? Is there somebody in your life holding you back from what you need to be doing? Somebody who seems like a bad influence on your choices and obedience towards God? Somebody that needs to be thrown off your boat? It's time to throw some Jonah's off your boat!

Jonah's will always try to make you feel bad in the process just like the real Jonah. Why didn't Jonah just jump off the boat instead of asking his mates to throw him off? They always want you to feel bad about letting them go, like you're about to make a horrible decision but you have to trust what the Lord tells you to do. Pray about these Jonah's. Pray that God's will be done with them when you have let go of them, it is not your job to please everybody in your life. It is theirs and your job to try to bless God as often as possible! Do not worry about them, just like God had the whale ready to swallow Jonah and take him back to land exactly where he needed to go anyway, God will take care of your Jonah. If you have some Jonah's in your boat, get rid of them! You have been thinking of those certain people while you were reading this blog so go ahead and move on from them. Let it be and give more of your time to a Creator who rightfully deserves it!

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